Heroes in Disguise

A must read

Lonely Musafir

His phone ranged midnight, he woke up out of no surprise. It was a call from his senior. He murmured on phone, the only words audible were “Yes, I will be there in 10”.

Both the children were in deep sleep. His wife knew he has to go. Hiding her concerns, she helped him with his watch, wallet and belt. He dressed up and left for his office.

It was 6.30am when he returned back home. His daughter just woke up and the son was still sleeping. The wife ran out of the kitchen shouting “Hey honey is that you?”, “Yeah” he said.

Wife asked out of curiosity “How was that?” He said “Good” just before his daughter jumped into his lap saying “Daddy It’s my Parent-Teacher Meet in school today at 2pm.”

“Will you come?” She asked enthusiastically. “Off Course darling, I will” he replied in an affectionate voice.

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