Heroes in Disguise

His phone ranged midnight, he woke up out of no surprise. It was a call from his senior. He murmured on phone, the only words audible were "Yes, I will be there in 10". Both the children were in deep sleep. His wife knew he has to go. Hiding her concerns, she helped him with... Continue Reading →

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A Martyr is a Martyr afterall

A martyr is a martyr. The one who made supreme sacrifice for the nation. Who sacrificed all he had for something which he will not be alive to cherish. A martyrdom is also a death of many emotions, many dreams and many relations. A martyr is an unfulfilled promise from a father to a child,... Continue Reading →

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Tracing the Path of Light

Night Street Photo Shoot The Path The Tracer Bullet The Laser Pointer Vroom The Swiftness The Mildness The Humbled Moon The Spectrum Moon's Aura

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The Expressions

50mm Portraits Project The story of Inspiration The story of Saturation The story of Indifference The story of devotion The Story of Optimism The story of Enjoyment The story of Cruelty

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Sikkim Vlogs, Part-1 (Gangtok to Lachen)

A bike trip that started to Sikkim from Bagdogra Airport. Arranging Sikkim Bike permits, across all major sikkim tourism regions. It's a Sikkim travellers guide, to Gurudongmar, are, Changu Lake, Sikkim Baba Mandir, Lachen. It's a Sikkim Saga.

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The Wrinkled Hopes

A coal mine workerThe Mine labourers work in a harsh environment, with low wages and being prone to many occupational Hazards.  The portrait is of one such hardworking man. Their contribution for the nation is nothing less than someone standing on the fronts protecting the nation. 

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जब शाम होती है

वो पल जो मैंने खो दिए , रोटी की आज़त में । रूठे से मुझसे मिलते हैं , जब शाम होती है।।   परिंदा जो उड़ के सुबहो को दाना कमाने जाता है । ज़ख़्मी बदन आता है वो , जब शाम होती है।।   दरिया को भी अब देखकर मैं खौफ खाता हूँ ।... Continue Reading →

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The Monochromes

The Ajodhya Pahar Area in Puruliya District, West Bengal. A walk through the Santhal Tribal Village.      

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कागज़ फाड़ दिए मैंने

कागज़ फाड़ दिए मैंने   सींचे थे खून पसीनों से, लिख पढ़ के साल महीनों से, रद्दी के जो ज़द हुवे, निरर्थक जिनके शब्द हुवे, पुरानी उपाधियां, प्रमाणपत्र, आज झाड़ दिए मैंने, काग़ज़ फाड़ दिए मैंने। डूबे थे इश्क़ जज़्बातों में, खाली दिन सूनी रातों में, मेहबूब की मीठी बातों में, यौवन की बहकी यादों में, ताकों... Continue Reading →

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Spiti Bike trip (A Forbidden valley of beauty and challenges)

Lonely Musafir

The preparations

Spiti has always been to my cards and plan to this exquisite beauty was made all of a sudden. One of my school buddy called me and after three days we were travelling to Manali for a much awaited dream safari.

Travelling to such locations turns you speechless and then turns you into a story teller. Same happened to me. So here I narrate a story nothing less than a fairy tale.

Lahaul-Spiti has a population density of 2 persons per kilometer. It itself reflects the remoteness of this region. The roads, the climate and the topography poses a humongous challenge before the travelers. For such terrain one have to prepare well to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We packed the following in our bags:

1. Bikers jacket with Fleece and hood (Rainwarm 3 in1 Quechua) that can protect you from cold and rain.

2. Gum boots and 

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मुझे तू याद आती है

सुलगते दिन ठिठुरती रातों में बैठे बैठे यूँ ही यादों में, जाने अनजाने लोगों से मुलाकातों में, किसी की प्यार भरी बातों में, मुझे तू याद आती है। मेरे सितारों की गर्दिश में, मन के तारों की बंदिश में, किसी चेहरे की कशिश में, कुछ भुलाने की कोशिश में, मुझे तू याद आती है। ज़िन्दगी... Continue Reading →

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