Lonely Musafir

Welcome to Lonely Musafir, a multi-genre blog with a bouquet of various flowers. Choose the one you like from the list below.

travelogue angriya cruise self image

You will find real experience based travelogues presented in an interesting way directly from the heart. Some of the most exquisite destinations and few of the unseen/unread places in India.May it be the comfort of Angriya Cruise or the thrills of riding to Spiti, Sikkim and Arunachal. May it be the beautiful landscapes of Laddakh, the rich cultural walk into the Southern India or peeping into he tribal world of Santhali Tribe, these travelogues by musafir will mesmerize you with its originality and simplicity.

Scientific articles cover image

Articles on Scientific, Social, Political and General issues.

Jaswant garh adventure snow image
Adventure Vlogs

Thrilling Motorcycle vlogs across many regions of Himalayas(Leh-Laddakh, Spiti, Sikkim, Arunachal)


A collection of real life Portraits, Landscapes and Sceneries from Musafir’s Camera. From Sunrise to Sunsets, from humans to aves, from colorful cultural life to monochromes, musafir covers every aspects of life with his Camera.

Tehzib Hafi Ashaar image
Ashaar by Musafir

Ashaar, which means a two-liner in Urdu, is a recital of famous poetry from some of the legendary poets by musafir. Poetry of legends like Ahmed Faraz, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Parvin Shakir, Jaun Elia, Tehzib Hafi, Bashir Badr with recital and elucidation of hard words in Hindi, Urdu and English makes it easy to connect and understand the soul.

Poetry cover image

Self written Poetry of different moods by Musafir himself. Chahat, Jeevasangini, Kaghaz and Ek chaand are few of the most applauded writings of Musafir.

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