Romantic Krabi – Why is it a Dream Destination for Couples?

With over 150 mesmerising islands off its shores, evergreen limestones jutting right out of the ocean bed and innumerable fascinating aquatic organisms living harmoniously in the blue ocean is what makes Krabi so interesting. The solitude and the charming nature of Krabi is what attracts honeymooners from all over the world. 

Krabi is an ideal destination for all kinds of couples. You might be the adventurous couple or the romantic ones Krabi caters to all of you. Krabi is just the right dose of beach destination that a newly wed dream of. Everything from Krabi’s Weather to its tranquil sea shores are perfect for such occasions.

Krabi Honeymoon:

Now the next question is, what to expect when you land in Krabi?

Krabi is connected to most of the major destinations across the world by airways. If not, one can always take a connecting flight or a bus from major Thailand cities like Bangkok or Phuket too. The Krabi weather is Tropical Monsoon the whole year, hence the best period to visit this beach paradise is between November and April. 

To make your honeymoon even special, you could indulge yourselves into some luxury beach resorts or private villas.

Some of the best luxury Krabi Stays would be,

  1. Aonang Fiore Resort
  2. Island Hideaway Resort
  3. Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villa
  4. Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort
  5. Zeavola Resort 

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to catch your breath and get ample rest. There are a whole lot of things to be experienced in Krabi. 

Things to do in Krabi:

  • For the Daredevil Couples!

Krabi is not just a place with spectacular scenic beauty but also a place of heart racing adventurous experiences. One can choose from a hoards of options to choose from.

The limestone props make a really good hub for a variety of rock climbing activities. 

And needless to say the spectrum of marine lives below the peaceful looking ocean surface also opens the door for another wide array of choices from deep sea diving to snorkeling and underwater walking. 

If you don’t know swimming don’t worry, it is not compulsory that to participate in the water sports you need to know swimming. The trainers here are fully certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) experts. They will be guiding you throughout your experience so there is nothing to fear about. 

Apart from this you can also go parasailing, banana boat riding, kayaking, canoeing, zip lining, cycling rally, rafting, hiking, etc. Below are some of the places where you can experience some of these adrenaline pumping adventurous activities.

  1. Rock climbing: Tham Phra Nang (the Phra Nang Cave Beach) and Railay Beach
  2. Underwater activities: Islands such as Koh Rok Nok, Hin Daeng, Bamboo Island and the Phi Phi Islands
  3. River water rafting: Songprak River
  4. Canoeing: Ao Nang, Railay Beach, Ao Thalane
  5. Trekking/Hiking, tree-top activities: Hollow Mountain Adventure Park, Ao Nang,  Khao Ngon Nak, Krabi fun park Zipline adventure 

For the Fun-Loving couple!

There is no dearth for entertainment in the fun loving city of Krabi. There is a unique shopping experience in the whole of Thailand and Krabi is no less in this aspect as well. The infamous Walking Streets and the World Famous Night Markets. These are two of the most prominent places of shopping that literally everyone has it on their itineraries. Another Thai specific itinerary you shouldn’t miss is the mouthwater Street food, which is especially good at these places. 

As the sun sets, a whole new avatar of Krabi arises. The ever lively nightclubs with their flashy neon signs and exuberant ladyboy cabaret shows are a definite must if you people who love enjoying the nightlife of your vacation destinations. 

The most popular places to explore in Krabi nightlife are:

  1. The best Cabaret show – The Blue Dragon show near Ao Nang
  2. Night clubs – 
    1. Ao Nang Centre Point
    2. Soi RCA Ao Nang
    3. Boogie Bar
    4. The Irish Embassy
    5. Roots Rock Reggae Bar
  • For the Romantic Couple!

The first vacation as a couple post wedding is one of the most unforgettable moments in a person’s life. And everyone puts in a lot of effort and time in order to make it more special. And selecting Krabi for this momentous occasion is the right choice!

 As if out of a fairytale story Krabi Honeymoons are packed with all the right amount of flavours. The serene nature, calming seas, mesmerising limestone cliffs, mysterious caves and evergreen mangrove forests, to name a few. 

A secluded candle light dinner with your loved ones right on the shores of the beach or in the caves of Krabi will be a “cherry on top” experience of post wedding romance. You could also book yourselves a rejuvenating Couple Spa treatment in any of the exquisite Spas of Krabi. Coming to a kingdom of Thailand which is known for its traditional Thai Massage and going back without a massage is almost a crime.

Not only these activities, but just the natural beauty of Krabi is spellbinding. The Thung Teao and Khao Phanom Bencha National Park with their crown jewel i.e the Emerald and Blue Lagoons, the Klong Thom Hot spring and Maya Bay are a must visit places. 

And not to forget the gorgeous islands present just a few kilometers from Krabi!

Best places for charming dates are:

  1. Best Candle light dinner location- at The Rayavadee Resort, located between Railay West and Ao Phra Nang
  2. Island hopping – 
    1. Koh Poda
    2. Koh Tup
    3. Koh Kai 
    4. Koh Mor etc
  3. Best Spas- 
    1. Railay Great View Resort and Spa
    2. Centara Grand Beach Resort
    3. Radarom Spa
    4. Aonang Haven Massage 

Travel Tips:

But before you embark on your maiden vacation, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Keeping the above details in mind, first plan your itinerary according to your taste and budget.
  • Always be mindful of the Krabi weather. Given Krabi is a beach destination, you should be weary of its climate and be prepared the right way.
  • Keep the timings of all the places in mind so that you don’t miss out on anything. 
  • Always carry your identification and visa documents while you are out of your stay
  • Prescribed medicines and first aid kit should always be in handy
  • Some adventure activities will not suit children of people of certain age and people with some medical issues. So please be careful to avoid them.
  • Below are some helpful emergency numbers:
    • Krabi Hospital: (075) 611 227
    • Krabi Airport: (075) 691 940
    • Krabi Tourist Association: (075)-632-041
    • Krabi Police: (075) 611 222, 191
    • Fire Brigade: (075) 611 111, 199
    • Krabi Search & Rescue: (075) 62-2581

Final Thoughts:

Guess the above details justifies as to why Krabi is a best honeymoon destination for couples! So, when you think of a Romantic Getaway, we hope there will be no doubts regarding Krabi as the Perfect Dream Destination!


To making wonderful memories!

Guest Author- Lonely Musafir

Jefreena Dafny

Jefreena – a semi-nomadic traveler, who loves writing travel blogs. Her first adventure begins in South East Asia, especially in Thailand.  She is trying to make the best possible lemonades out of these and share the essence with the world.

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