How many time you have come across people who say they wish to learn guitar but couldn’t do it. The funny reasons they give are like:

” I failed to get a good Guitar Tutor”


“My office sucks my time”

and the best one is

” I have little fingers, I can’t grab the guitar strings”….  Are you serious???

Let me tell you the 5 common reasons behind why can’t you learn guitar.

1- Guitar is not a priority for you


Had it been your first priority, you would sell anything to arrange money to buy a Guitar. You want to learn guitar but when it comes to pay for the purchase you start giving excuses like

“I will learn first and then will buy a guitar”.

“My money will get wasted if I failed to learn”. Come on are you kidding me???

B’coz of these reason you never took the first step…

2- You never felt the music


The majority of guitar failures are among the mass of amateur who want to learn guitar because “Playing Guitar is cool a business”. Look, the coolness is a reflection of your passion. If you never had passion for music, you can’t learn music. Stay back, if only posing with guitar is your soul reason to learn guitar, b’coz you will end up nowhere.

3. You never had an inherent sense for music


“Not everything can be taught, but almost anything can be learned”. I have met people who instead of their tireless efforts couldn’t recognize a “Sa” of sargam. This is where the natural sense of music comes into play. Its not like the can’t learn guitar but these people need musical appreciation class more than guitar classes to start with.

But friendly advise to you guys is ” Tum rehne do, Tumse na ho payega”. Try hands in something you are good at.

4. You tried to follow others.


Music is beyond the bars of language, race and boundaries. It’s a never-ending exploration of those “seven surs”, in which every explorer has a vast arena of opportunities.

I have seen the “ponytailed typical guitarists” playing Beethoven, Mozart and Hotel California type symphonies in a soul less manner. Don’t get influenced by such people. Follow your heart. You will give more time if and only if you love what you are doing.

Try to start with the songs you like. Even if it doesn’t look cool to others, “it will soothe you and will let you move ahead with the learning.”


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