The Tale of a Horrible Night (Motorcycle Diaries – Chapter 2 )

Those who have read the chapter 1, know the girth of the situation we were into. How we found our way out is equally interesting. Presenting Chapter 2, The Hope, The Struggle and The Climax.

Don’t miss the climax. I again thank “The Passport Souls” and my mentor Rahul Sharma for sharing the story.

Check it out and feel the thrill.

Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi

Continued from Motorcycle Diaries – Chapter 1 !!


The Hope


So what happened next ? Did the ordeal continued or The Hope , as they say it , finally emerged somehow. Lets find out !

It was more than 30 mins that we were standing at that place making the lemonade out of the lemons life served us. We sighted the headlight of a 4 wheeler (may be a Safari) coming to our direction from Gangtok side. As there was hair pin loops, it became invisible in few seconds. Again it appeared, this time even closer to us.

“This is our chance guys, we have to stop it” I said, motivating the team.

We stood on road almost blocking the way. It was a Bolero with three ladies on the back seat and a driver.

As a natural reaction, they were terrified having four guys, dressed in black with…

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