A Martyr is a Martyr afterall

A martyr is a martyr. The one who made supreme sacrifice for the nation. Who sacrificed all he had for something which he will not be alive to cherish.

A martyrdom is also a death of many emotions, many dreams and many relations.

A martyr is an unfulfilled promise from a father to a child, a perjure to a beloved wife and an unforgettable nightmare to an old father.

It’s a glory which engulfs many screams. A martyr is a martyr afterall.

Do Politics classifies Martyrdom?

The nation is in gloom by the terror attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir. The dastards cowardly attacked our Jawans killing 44 and left several severely injured.

The media is angry, blaming the system, the Govt. and the politicians. Showing a deep grief to the family of martyrs.

On the other hand, its rare to see politicians seems to be united on an issue of national interest. They seems to be waiting for ashes to cool down and then the blame game will start.

The country is burning in anger asking for a revenge. Asking for a Surgical strike or economic sanctions. It’s Pulwama on every one’s mind. It’s Pulwama in every discussion.

Take a pause, Have you ever heard of “Tongpol” or “Jeeram Ghati”? or of “Dantewada”? or “”Kokarajhar” or “Sukma”?

Let me remind you, on 11 March 2014- CRPF jawans travelling from Tongpol to Jeeram Ghati in Chattisgarh were cordoned by more than 100 Maoists killing 15 bravehearts and looted the weaponery.

Chattisgarh Maoist Attack

In April 2010, Maoists killed 75 CRPF jawans in Dantewada, the most brutal terror attack in Indian History.

Dantewada massacre.

On 14 April 2017, in Sukma,300 Maoists attacked a 99 member troop of CRPF. Killing 26 Soldiers.

Sukma’s 26 Martyr’s Cremation Ceremony

That is not all, between 2011-2017 a number of security personnel died and heavy blood has been shed in Naxal affected areas in Chattisgarh.

Source- South Asia Terrorism Portal

No such outrage happened after these incidences. Our Soldiers Died. They too made supreme sacrifice. No media and no politician gathered to pay homage. No one demanded a retaliation. No one wanted a revenge!

Politics, media and we do classify the martyrdom.

If it was not Pulwama, will there be a similar outrage?

What if elections were not scheduled in due course?

Can we compare and classify the supreme sacrifice made by our soldiers? Can we prioritize a martyr over other?

Why we chose between the incidences? or we are made to chose?

Why not we feel the same pain for all the brave-hearts of this nation? Or we depend on media to connect to our Martyrs?

Why a soldier need to get killed in Kashmir only, to get
coverage by the paid media and respect from the nation?

Why a soldier’s sacrifice should be lucrative for politicians in view of election mileage? Only then will they give the so called free hand to the forces?

Why don’t we need a similar revenge for all deaths caused by terror monsters?

“A martyr is a martyr after all. “

“A Martyrdom is a death of Similar emotions, Similar dreams and Similar relations.”

New Delhi: The daughter of Col MN Rai cries as she salutes to pay her last respect to his mortal remains during his cremation in the Delhi Cantt on Thursday. Rai was killed in a gunbattle with militants in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Tuesday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist (PTI1_29_2015_000053B)

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  1. It’s certainly true. Martyrs, who made supreme sacrifice in Maoists area, never got such attention of public, media and govt.
    A martyr is a martyr in every situation.
    Jai Hind


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